Santiniketan Weather


Santiniketan Weather

Although Santiniketan the 'Abode of Peace' is a beautiful place to be visited at almost any time of the year, here is the approximate report of weather in Santiniketan which may help you to choose your suitable time to visit this place.


39.4o C Max 34.39o C Min
Santiniketan during this time of the year experiences the heat ranging between 39.4oC Max to 34.39oc Min. Visitors are recommended to wear light cotton clothes.

15.7o C Max 12.1oC Min
The weather in late January at Santiniketan remains cold and the temperature ranges between 15oc to 12.1oc. Visitors are advised to bring light woollen clothes for their comfort.

125 cm (June – September), Heavy in July and August.


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